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      Welcome to the official website of shandong longye machinery co., LTD!                 中文站 ENGLISH

      Tina, +8613615486903, tinadrillingrig@longyejixie.com

      Robin, +8615163801508, robin@longyejixie.com

      Tao, +8615069857794, zhangtao@longyejixie.com

      Sales department :15263088220

      Spare Part Department:0538-5363888





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            About Shandong Longye Machinary Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of hydraulic pressure down-hole drilling rigs,engineering drills and water well drilling which are backbone enterprises.
          The company covers an area of 35,000 square meters,more than 160 employees,20 engineering and technicians,all are engaged in specialized drilling rig mechanical design talents.The company have more than 30 sets of advanced CNC machining equipment,more than 10 sets special processing equipment,has its own heat treatment production workshop and surface treatment equipment.On the base of machinery manufacturing technology experience of more than 10 years ,having developed and produced there series productions including high ,medium and low air pressure,15 kinds of products sell well throughout and export Russia,Kenya, Brazil, India and some other countries in Europe. 
          The company pioneered the concept of innovation,strategic innovation as the basis;organize for the protection of innovation,technology innovation as a means,market innovation as the goal. Development of company is from having no to having,developing gradually,since arriving at strong The Company wills "Service First" as the aim, "Quality-oriented, good faith abides by words" as business philosophy. 
          The company is located the foot of Mount Tai which have the reputation of “Chief of the Five Sacred Mountains”,neighboring Beijing—Shanghai High Speed Rail transport facilities, excellent location provides a very good condition;we have degrees in time for you to provide services. Because of your satisfaction is our promise.
          Enterprises to develop,positioning is very important.Market has undergone great changes,we choose the right business objectives with wisdom, perseverance,focus on resolving the core business that rig Health Nissan developed to such a good condition,relies on full-scale excavation of resources."Set surrounded by all kinds of resources into the Octagon returns cause."Do not make good use of resources,even the best position to no avail.We establish a large resource-based view.Not only excavated material resources,but also tap the human resources;not only the reality of mining resources,but also tap the potential resources;not only the direct mining resources,but also tap the profile of resources;Not only the mining of space resources,but also tap the time resources;will not only tap the intellectual resources,but also tap the emotional resources;excavation can be seen not only resources,but also tap the intangible resources,That is Shandong Longye Machinary Co., Ltd.
          Development Company has always adhere to the "quality first,customers first" principle,Octagon welcome visitors to our company to discuss cooperation!