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      Welcome to the official website of shandong longye machinery co., LTD!                 中文站 ENGLISH

      Tina, +8613615486903, tinadrillingrig@longyejixie.com

      Robin, +8615163801508, robin@longyejixie.com

      Tao, +8615069857794, zhangtao@longyejixie.com

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      Entrepreneurial spirit - loving plants, such as home, strict thin solid constant, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence
      Loving plants such as furniture - real support for business healthy, sustained and rapid development of the spiritual force;
      Strict thin solid constant - with strict rules and regulations, strict examination of measures, nuanced assessment objectives and assessment methods, and pragmatic work style, work attitude, perseverance, building science, standardized and systematic management system.
      "Severity" of "small" "real" "constant" solid as a management concept, indeed a kind of working attitude is the basis for the development of enterprises.
      Beyond the self of perseverance and tenacity, self-pressurized, first-class performance
      The pursuit of excellence - grasp the pulse of the market, keeping pace with the times, with the times, scaled new heights innovation.
      Business purposes - to people-oriented, integrity plant
      People-oriented - to "love plant, such as home" as the spiritual source, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force, maximize their staff's enthusiasm and creativity, and improve work motivation; "insisted everybody is before, not race horses," employing the concept of ,
      Make the best use only the best use of personnel training camp as early as relaxed and talent growth environment.
      Integrity legislation works - insist on honesty, fulfilling its corporate commitment to honest and trustworthy management style to promote sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.
      Company style - rapid response, immediate action
      Rapid responses, immediate action - keeps abreast of changes in the market for the rapid and efficient response to the speed of any work resolutely and not delay.
      Philosophy - according to market needs and create customer satisfaction of products
      According to market needs, manufacturing, customer satisfaction of products, to grasp the information, grasp the changes in the market at a reasonable price, excellent product quality, high-quality service, in exchange for customers to maximize satisfaction
      Enterprises to provide users with professional services to protect - the integrity of quality assurance, professional advice, intimate after-sales service
      Longye rig will continue to make unremitting hard work, adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, cooperative and win-win" business philosophy, science and technology innovation in products and service won the trust in order to secure human resources development, to quality and sustainable use. We will continue to learn and progress, a long time for you to provide more comprehensive and better quality of service, would like you to become a friend of Longye forever!